In Go Ahead, you are trying to get an interview to kickstart your career as a reporter. However, the place is filled with guards and you will need to plan your steps carefully to fool them.

You can walk with the arrow keys and you can interact with the passes and doors by "walking" into them. An icon in the top-left corner shows what pass you have at the moment.

This game is a submission to the GMTK Game Jam 2019. The theme is "only one", which gave birth to the idea that you can only carry one pass at a time to show to the guards.

I would have liked to design more levels and explore more ideas, but I run out of time. I hope you like the core idea behind the game.

Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art


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Really cool!A level editor will be great!

Excellent :) Following and adding to collection for future updates. Love the asthetics, I grew up with C64 and is a sucker for retro style. Though, even though my preference, it's still very well done. Simple, but pleasing. Current levels are very easy and you don't even need all the keys or even door on several of them, so will be nice to see some future maps with more intricate solutions. Just don't make it balls-to-the-walls hard, googling guides for levels is infuriating ;)

Really cool game, more levels and "wasd" controlls would be awesome

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Good idea! I should definitely add wasd controls too. Thank you!

That was super cool! I would have loved to play more levels of increasing difficulty!

Thank you! I'm planning on adding more levels once the jam is over. Couldn't do it because I ran out of time.